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Accredited residential building certifier in the state of nsw.

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We have an extensive experience in the certifications industry as we are very reliable and dedicated to providing an outstanding level of service and expertise. We specialise in Building Certification for all sized residential projects Class 1a and 10a.​We offer a range of services at competitive prices. Specialising in building approvals, our team approach every project with a fresh perspective, backed up by years of experience, excellent customer service skills, professionalism and dedication. Our certifier will help to take the stress out of the building approval process. We are accredited to issue a Construction Certificate, Complying Development Certificate and Occupation Certificate. We are also accredited to inspect Swimming Pool Barriers and issue Compliance and non-Compliance Certificates when appropriate.

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Swimming Pool compliance

To lease or sell your property with either a swimming pool or spa, the owner must have a Certificate of Compliance or a Certificate of non-compliance for the swimming pool. We are accredited to inspect Swimming Pool Barriers and issue Compliance and non-Compliance Certificates when appropriate.

construction certificates

As well as competitive prices we reassure you are in good hands! Once you have development approval (DA), you need a construction certificate prior to commencement. We will assess your plans to ensure that the plans are consistent with the DA and complies with the BCA. Alameh Certifiers can act as your PCA and CC can be obtained after you have met all of the development consent conditions.

complying development certificates

Some developments may be eligible for a complying development certificate (CDC). If this is the case, you will not require development approval (DA). If your development meets specific standards in the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 & (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009 then you may be eligible for a CDC.

Occupation Certificates

An Occupation Certificate allows you to occupy and use the new building or structure approved as part of the CC or CDC. The OC verifies that the PCA is satisfied that the building is suitable to be occupied and meets the requirements.

building inspections

Throughout your development you will require a PCA to carry out all mandatory inspections as required by legislation. Alameh Certifiers can act as your PCA for your development and conduct all the necessary inspections along the way.

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